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          Application industry
          Mechanical design, electrical control, equipment, production line and product detection and monitoring
          cover wide coil system
          Foundation cover wide coil system
          We will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "actions speak louder than words", devote ourselves to the intelligent manufacturing of high-end equipment, accurately grasp the development trend of the industry and market, and continue to invest in mechanical design, electrical control…
          Founded in 2004
          It covers an area of more than 84000 mu
          There are 108 R & D personnel in total
          500 persons in total
          Chairman's speech
          SLAC is committed to building a high-tech enterprise with an evergreen foundation. Based on solid and reliable equipment manufacturing technology, the company continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, and develops special equipment required by customers.

          Complete set of equipment for production of high-speed easy to pull lid and can
          Deeply cultivate the future of Asian market

          Group strategic partner

          Asian companies that continue to focus on manufacturing complete caps and tank lines

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